Talitha Gravesande

Michael Hewins



  • Logo
  • Poster
  • Trailer
  • Live TV Show
  • Game
  • Mobile App
  • Web App
  • Title Sequence
  • Photography
  • Social Media Branding
  • Script

Transmedia Project

‘Killer’ was a university project created by Michael Hewins and myself. The idea was to create a TV/web series that users would be able to follow over multiple platforms. This transmedia project consisted of us creating and developing a storyline based on teenagers being killed by someone that knows all their secrets.

For this project, I was the Mobile App Leader. My job consisted of managing, developing, and coding, the mobile application. Whilst this was my assigned role, I took on many other roles as well. These roles and creations include: Game Developer, Motion Graphic Designer, Videographer and Editor, Graphic Designer, and Photographer.

Color Scheme

For this project we wanted to stick to the codes and conventions associated between colours and genres. Red connotes danger and blood, and fits this series well as its about a killer. White symbolises there is some form of good and light within the series but is disrupted by the evil, darkness and fear – this is what the black connotes.

Killer Red


Icy White


Dead Black



TV Show Trailer

This trailer contains flashing images. Please watch at your own risk.

My roles in creating the trailer:

  • Videographer – Recording the footage
  • Editor – Editing the footage
  • Sound Designer – Choose and fitting the right sounds to particular scenes and shots

Michael and I created the live show as an post-‘killer’ talk-show. The idea was for this to air after each episode, in the way that other shows do this; such as ‘Talking Dead’.

Live Show

Password: Killer1

Creating this show required some additional work. For the set, we used a green and I created and designed the set using graphics. I also developed the title sequence for the talk show, along with developing the script/order of events for the show.

What We Delivered

This is all the other assets delivered to the project.

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