This project focuses on creating a virtual tour for the musician – Lavz. This project focuses on merging both physical and virtual realities together in order to create an immersive environment for an audience of a ‘live’ performance. The aim is to modify the current practices used for concerts and how viewers experience them. The Run It Tour exercises an approach to alter the functionality and displays of concerts. the innovative element of this project is that the performances will occur without Lavz physically performing live in the room. The Run It Tour incorporates projection mapping as an instrument used to display the performance visuals over a physical object. This augmented reality tour has been constructed to illustrate and experiment with methods and techniques that could be used in future concerts.

Although this project’s aim is to project the performance around small – medium venues, a smaller scaled version of the designed stage was created to demonstrate how the visuals would function. Other components required for this individual project include – stage visuals, project branding, merchandise, soundtrack, promotional assets, and a 3D stage model.


The Run It Tour



What We Did

Branding, Video Production, Graphic Design


The video above is the video that will be projected at the events. The video contains the 3D stage model, the ‘live’ performance, track-list, and the stage visuals.

This video contains flashing imagery.
Viewer discretion is advised.

Behind The Scenes

Behind the scenes footage of the production process recording Lavz for the performance.

Product Backlog

  • Logo
  • Merchandise
  • Social Media Banners
  • Posters
  • Promotional Video
  • 3D Stage Model
  • Tour Soundtrack
  • Stage Visuals
  • Market Research

Promotional Video

This video was created for the purpose of promoting the event.


Below are the following assets created for this tour. This includes a tour poster, logo, social media banner, merchandise designs, stage visuals, and more.

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